In order to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests and to maintain the public nature of our accommodation facilities, we have established the following rules, which are integrated with our accommodation agreement. If this rule is violated, the accommodation contract may be canceled according to the provisions of Article 6 of the accommodation agreement. 


1. In principle, we do not keep valuables.

2. As a general rule, it is prohibited to use a room that exceeds the room capacity. If it is discovered that the number of guests exceeds the capacity of the guest room without notifying us, we will charge you for the excess usage. 

3. The following acts are strictly prohibited within the hotel.

(1) Use of electrical appliances other than those rented from the hotel, such as firearms for heating and cooking

(2) Smoking in beds, other fire-prone areas, and other areas than those designated by the Club.

(3) Noisy acts such as singing songs, spreading offensive odors, and other acts that cause disgust or inconvenience to third parties.

(4) Bringing in the following items

(b) Animals, birds, etc. (excluding guide dogs, etc.)

(b) Drugs whose possession is prohibited by law, such as stimulants and narcotics

(c) Explosives and volatile oils that are easily ignited or ignited, and chemicals that may harm the body

(d) Firearms, swords and similar items without license

(e) Remarkably large or heavy items

(f) Things that emit offensive odors

(g) Garbage and items that interfere with the hygiene of the guest room

(h) Items such as electrical appliances and cooking utensils intended for use within the Hotel (without permission from the Facility)

(i) Other items that are prohibited from being brought into the hotel guest rooms

(5) Acts contrary to public order and morals

(6) Acts of distributing flyers or other advertising materials to other guests

(7) Moving, processing, or taking out various facilities and goods in the building, and using them for purposes other than their original purpose.

(8) Leaving belongings outside the guest room

(9) Entering facilities other than those for guests (except in cases of emergency or unavoidable circumstances)

(10) Delivery of food and drinks from facilities other than those permitted by the Club

(11) Use of hair dye, bleach, etc. in the unit bath

(12) Burning incense in the guest room 

(13) All other acts that hinder safety and hygiene within the Hotel.

4. The following acts in the guest room are strictly prohibited.

(1) Use for profit-making activities and non-lodging purposes

(2) Meeting with a visitor in a guest room

(3) Sticking pictures or posters on the windows of guest rooms, or posting items that impair the appearance of the facility.

5. If the guest room key is lost, the full cost of the key replacement work will be charged. 

6. How to use the parking lot

(b) The number of parking spaces is limited to one per person.

(b) As a general rule, parking of medium-sized and large-sized vehicles exceeding one frame is prohibited, except for sightseeing buses and special medical vehicles.

 (c) As a general rule, guests are allowed to use the hotel from the time of arrival until the time of departure. I'll enjoy having this.

 (d) As a general rule, car washing on the parking lot site is prohibited.

Additional charges for using the guest room after hours

Additional charges based on Article 8, Paragraph 2 of the Accommodation Contract shall be as follows. In addition, the standard amount for calculating the advance extension / excess charge is the amount equivalent to consumption tax added to the basic accommodation charge for the first day of stay.

The time basis for calculating the surcharge is

check out
Before 10:00 am
check in
After 3pm

is the standard.

1. Excess check-out surcharge

Excessive check-out time (within 5 hours, until 15:00)

50% of the standard amount

Over check-out time (more than 5 hours)

Full base amount

 2. Pre-extension surcharge

Early extension (early check-in: between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm)

50% of the standard amount

Early extension (early check-in: before 10:00 a.m.)

Full base amount

Published January 10 , 2022 ( 1st edition)